For a smooth running of the service, ensure that you have GPlates installed on your machine. Installation instructions available here.

Available plate models

The chronosphere package includes the PALEOMAP plate tectonic reconstruction model by Scotese (2016). In the future, we will also offer the option for you to be able to use your own model.


The PALEOMAP model can be downloaded using the following:

pm <- fetch("paleomap","model")

By default, the data is stored in a temporary directory and deleted when you close your R session. If you would like to specify a folder in which the data should be downloaded and saved for future use, you can do so by:

 pm <- fetch("paleomap", "model", datadir="path/for/data")

The local reconstruction can thus be run as followed:

 reconstruct("plates", age=age, model=pm, dir = "path/for/data")

If your Gplates was not installed in the default folder during installation, then you can specify the folder in which it was installed:

 reconstruct("plates", age=age, model=pm, dir = "path/for/data", path.gplates="path/where/gplates/is")