The chronosphere (the globe of time) package aims to facilitate the distribution, organization, and use of earth system history variables in the R environment. The functionality of the package includes access to deep time reconstructions of paleogeography, including plate configurations and global climate model results.

Installation from the github repository

The package currently resides in a GitHub repository (‘') but will be submitted to the CRAN servers soon. You can install the most up-to-date version with the following R command. For this you have to the devtools package installed.


Alternatively, you can install the package with the following R command. You should make sure to replace with the most recent version (see all files in the _archive/source folder of the repository).

repos=NULL, type="source")

Once the installation has been completed, you can attach the package to be use in R.

Nussaibah Raja-Schoob
PhD student

PhD student studying dynamics of reefs and reef-builders through time. Food enthusiast and cat lover.


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