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Functions to describe sampling and diversity dynamics of fossil occur-rence datasets (e.g. from the Paleobiology Database). The package includes methods to calcu-late range- and occurrence-based metrics of taxonomic richness, extinction and origina-tion rates, along with traditional sampling measures. A powerful subsampling tool is also in-cluded that implements frequently used sampling standardization methods in a multiple bin-framework. The plotting of time series and the occurrence data can be simplified by the func-tions incorporated in the package, as well other calculations, such as environmental affini-ties and extinction selectivity testing.

Nussaibah Raja-Schoob
PhD student

PhD student studying dynamics of reefs and reef-builders through time. Food enthusiast and cat lover.


Using count data with subsample() function of the divDyn package.

Although the subsample() function was developed for estimating turnover rates and diversity changes over multiple time intervals, it …


The r package divDyn for quantifying diversity dynamics using fossil sampling data

With the help of the core function and standard subsampling options, we revisit the hypothesis of declining taxonomic rates over time, …