New body size data set added, chronosphere v.0.2.2

New data on body size is now added to the list of datasets available through the package. Access the data using the fetch() function. bodysize <- fetch("bodysize", "heim") The data set consists of the body sizes, stratigraphic ranges, and occurrence patterns of 9 408 genera of fossil marine animals spanning eight Linnaean classes across the past 485 Myr (Payne & Heim, 2020). head(bodysize) ## X genus phylum class order ## 1 1 Abadzekhia Chordata bony fish Perciformes ## 2 4 Abra Mollusca Bivalvia Cardiida ## 3 128 Abra (Abra) Mollusca Bivalvia Veneroida ## 4 153 Abra (Syndosmya) Mollusca Bivalvia Veneroida ## 5 158 Abrekia Brachiopoda Rhynchonellata Rhynchonellida ## 6 161 Absonocytheropteron Arthropoda Ostracoda Podocopida ## family fad lad logsize logvol ## 1 33.

chronosphere v0.2.2 on CRAN!

We are pleased to announce that chronosphere v.0.2.2. is now on CRAN! This is only a minor update in which some bugs were fixed and minor features added/changed. The following updates were made in chronosphere 0.2.2 (2020-02-17): 1. dataindex() function changed to datasets() The dataindex() function has now been deprecated in favour of datasets() to access list of datasets that are now available on the package. We thought that “datasets” was more intuitive than “dataindex”, hence the change.